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I love all of your work. There is something innocent about it. I love the magical realism and the assemblages are so fun to see. How wonderful to work together as a husband and wife team.
-- Anna Easter, 2/26/22

Love the spirit dolls
-- Emily Emanuel, 11/13/20

I can hear the Spirit songs in your paintings, Jay. Lovely work. And Raven moon--love that Ann. Best to you both.
-- Lawanna, 1/17/17

"WOW"!!! I love all the beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing. Some day I would love to visit your studio. In Peace, health and happiness, Lisa
-- Lisa Wells, 10/8/14

hi jay, always wondered what happened to you. glad to see your doing great. i like both your artwork. like to talk to you sometime. old friend john.
-- John Tollefson, 4/30/13

Very nice paintings Jay
-- Jerry Gibson, 2/12/13

A lovely treat, looking at your works!
-- Elizabeth, 1/25/13

Love your acrylic work and I am amazed at the detail work.
-- Mark Kertzman, 12/8/12

Was wonderful seeing you at the Faire yesterday. Phots to come soon
-- Anniitra Ravenmoon, 12/2/12

Love your work!
-- Kim Ramos, 6/13/12

So enjoy your lovely work. Great website, thanks for sharing!
-- Nan & Kelly Oringer, 3/3/12

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the world. I love the soft grace of your mixed media pieces. May God bless you.
-- Kathleen, 2/20/12

I wish we could make it up for your show. Love you!
-- Juan Beckmanos, 1/13/12

Hi, I love you! John
-- John Beckman, 10/1/11

Kewl paintings Jay! Hope to see you 7/09/11.
-- Paul J. Nix, 6/21/11

I'm here at your site again, browsing for the enjoyment of it, and because I 've intended to for some time. Such delicate light and beauty in the work of each of you. Continued success and thrill in the doing of it. Blessings.
-- Ld, 1/7/11

We really enjoyed your gallery, but didn't see anything about the cards you have. Huggs and Kisses RB and SS
-- Sunflower Susan & Royboy, 5/10/10

Your work is very exciting. I felt your love of our beautiful central coast.
-- Gini Jensen, 4/9/10

Terrific work,beautiful colors adorn each canvas!I'm glad to have found this site like to hear your comments,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 3/12/10

Hi, very interesting your art. I am an mexican descendant of C.K. Bonestell grandparents (Mateo Ferrer and Lugarda Cota)
-- Guillermo Urtiz Verdugo, 9/20/09

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